Earn cash with your blogs

Creating free blogs without spending money for hosting and domain names can start your small or even large incomes. Applications with Google Adsense or any Ads networking sites and start making money with your blogs. For Adsense you need to have blogger or blogspot account. It's very simple choose the right niche for your blog. Use Google keyword tools for your keyword research.
Then create a blogger account. Go to and start posting articles that are uniquely written by you or pictures and videos that are not copyright materials and originally its your own copyright materials.

There are many Ads networks also you can apply for your blog monetization. You can have ,, and many more … try to search on Google for ad networks affiliate. I've been using Adsense and I got decent income , it's not totally big but it’s a good start. But if your fun in writing and sharing great ideas online blogging is your best choice and start earning on each of the blog you created.
You must have patience in writing on each of your blogs. Just take time writing on them don’t write and post articles on your blog as much as you want. Give it at intervals or a limit per day. Cause blogger limit your blog post per day to 25 blog post and beyond that you need to verify your post with captcha before you publish. Also google track your sites how many posts did you publish per day or per hour.

Just be patience and take your time sharing great ideas online and start making money on each of your blog created.

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